Times have changed, and so should your financial strategy.


Mary Lyons financial planner Dallas

What worked for our grandparents and parents won’t work for us today when it comes to developing a strong financial portfolio that works for you and your family.

That’s why you need a financial coach by your side, one who can guide you past every milestone toward the financial goal you set for yourself. I want you to experience the wealth you want.

I help clients optimize their retirement income by using the financial products that are right for their unique circumstances. I call that a smart strategy. My clients call it success.

financial coach dallas
My clients are already successful; they hire me to help them get to the next level of financial accomplishment. It’s about creating a new gold standard.

As a second-generation financial advisor, I began my fascination with investment planning in childhood, where I often had dinner conversations with my parents about using wealth as a tool rather than an end goal. Together we’ll develop the intentional strategies that will unlock your potential for unparalleled abundance.

  • Top 1% of the industry, nationwide
    That recognition has allowed me to teach at several national conferences, and nationally-known financial firms have hired me to train their advisors on the remarkable strategies my clients get to take advantage of.
  • Recipient of the Chairman's Council Award (top 10 advisors with American United Life Insurance Company®, a OneAmerica® company), consistent over the past 9 years
  • Insurance Licenses: FL, IN, LA, MI, NC, NM, NV, OK, SC, TX
  • Securities License (7 & 66): TX

In a world that has conditioned us to stop dreaming and be satisfied with what we have, I want you to dream. I will help you achieve your dreams.

I will debunk financial myths. I will give you the power to make financial decisions based on fact – not opinion.

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