5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Financial Advisor or Financial Planner

1. Ethics. People often ask, “are you a fiduciary?” With the assumption that if the answer is yes, the advisor will always do the right thing. Bernie[…]

Financial Moves You Should Have Made So Far This Year and How to Catch Up

1. Get on a budget. If your New Year’s resolution was to get on a budget, by this point you should have taken 3 months of bank statements/credit card[…]

Five 401K Options When You Leave Your Job

When you leave a job, whether you leave voluntarily, are laid off, or are fired you generally have five options. You can rollover your 401(k) to an[…]

Lifestyle Income > Net Worth

Lifestyle Income (Passive Income) is more important than net worth. We live in a world that glorifies the rich. We read articles aggrandizing the[…]

Top 10 Financial Tips for Recent Graduates

Save 20% of your gross paycheck for retirement before you do anything else. Get used to saving like this immediately and it will never feel like a[…]

The Wealth Woman’s Why

I have become obsessed with the idea of deliberately creating a life you can be excited about. Last year, in a meeting with my business coach, Kevin[…]

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