I have become obsessed with the idea of deliberately creating a life you can be excited about. Last year, in a meeting with my business coach, Kevin Kepple, he asked me two questions. “What do you want?” And “Why do you want it?”

On the surface these are pretty easy questions to answer. And they are questions I frequently ask my clients. The more clarity you have on what you want, the more you can do to create that life. However, I think this may have been the first time anyone asked me these questions. 

I struggled with the answers for a while.  Kevin kept digging. Ultimately my answer surprised me. 

I want peace. 

Every decision I make – doing the right thing in every circumstance, maintaining my personal integrity when others are behaving poorly, looking for property in Taos where I can get away from everything and hike with my dogs, painting, building my financial strategy in a way that optimizes my income potential and leaves a large legacy to my children (so they can spend their time focusing on their purpose, rather than on generating income). All of it. It’s all about peace. 

Discovering my motive allowed me to sit down with my hubby, Mike. We discovered where are goals are aligned and where the aren’t. We have had some great conversations about how we want to build our finances and our lives moving forward. Conversations we really haven’t had before.

For example, the addition of a house in Taos would add to our financial obligations, creating pressure which takes away from peace. So instead we are building several properties in Broken Bow, Oklahoma that we can rent out to generate additional income. That income will then accumulate to create a down payment for the Taos House, and eventually pay the mortgage. I get what I want without the additional income pressure. I get a place to make memories and gather with family. That’s peace.

I am sure what we want will change and evolve. It always does. But the underlying desire for peace probably won’t. 

I would encourage you to ask yourself what you want. And find out why you REALLY want it. Then give our team a call and we will help you find a way to live the life you want today while setting yourself up for financial success in the future. And if it’s been a while since we updated your plan, let’s get together and talk about where you want to go.